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The Narthex

Welcome to the Narthex!

The Narthex was opened in 2010, the culmination of a ten-year project at the Cathedral to provide a fitting welcome for all its visitors. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund together with grants from a number of charitable trusts and many donations from individuals, it has given the Cathedral a wonderful new lease of life and made it truly accessible to everyone.

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The Narthex comprises an Education & Interpretation Gallery, a shop, a café with outdoor patio, a function hall, licensed bar and community garden. With level-access and excellent facilities, it is an ideal location to discover more about the Cathedral or just to relax in a beautiful and tranquil setting.

Do come and visit us soon!

For more information about the Narthex please contact: or call 01603 724381.

Why is it called the Narthex?

A narthex is a transition space, a preparation between the outside world and the special world of the House of God - the church or cathedral. Many churches have a narthex (most usually in the form of a large porch), and that is precisely what this building, the Narthex, seeks to be: an inroduction and an entrance - the "front door".

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