On Tuesday 28th May – 58 children and parents from our parish joined over 550 pilgrims from around the diocese and further afield for the 34th diocesan Children’s Pilgrimage to Walsingham.

The day started cloudy, so we wrapped up warm and prayed for sunshine.  We began our walk in Friday market and followed the old railway line down to Our Lady’s Shrine.

Along the way we stopped for prayers and hymns.  The children carried flags and banners bearing the titles of Mother Mary and strewed flower petals along the way in front of the statue bearers.

The Chapel of Reconciliation was packed full for the noon day mass and it was a joyous celebration.  All the parishes contributed to different parts of the liturgy.  The children from our parish brought up the gifts of bread and wine and a cape of multicoloured flowers to adorn the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham – over 350 flowers made by our youth group and assembled by the pilgrims on the day!

After mass, we had a picnic lunch on the grounds and then went down to Wells beach for some fun in the sun.


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