We welcome everyone to join us for a day of prayer in honour of the Lady of All Nations – Family of Mary


Developing from a lay movement founded by Bishop Paul Hnilica at the wish of Pope Paul VI, the Family of Mary was established in Slovakia in 1992, and is currently led by Fr Paul Sigl. It is a missionary community with a worldwide apostolate, part of which includes spreading devotion to Our Lady of All Nations. Between 1945 and 1959, Our Lady appeared many times in Amsterdam to Ida Peerdeman. These apparitions were formally declared to be of supernatural origin by the local bishop in 2002. They mark the high point of the modern Marian era. Our Lady’s message of peace speaks with ever greater urgency to our troubled world.



Throughout April Fr Paul Sigl can be heard on Irish radio, Wedsndays, 12pm-5pm and Fridays 1pm-5pm: www.radiomaria.ie