Lenten Fundraising for Tambogrande

Lenten Fundraising for Tambogrande

There have been several fundraising initiatives happening this Lent to fundraise for our sponsored teacher in Tambogrande.

St Mary and St Peter’s RC Primary School in Gorleston have been very inventive in their fundraising. Following a short presentation and slides of life for the children in Tambogrande the whole school was presented with a Lent Challenge. Each class was asked to try and raise £100 and have enthusiastically risen to the challenge.
Reception and Nursery had a “Stay and Play Event’, Year 1 have a “Tricky Word Spell’, Year 2 a “Walking Challenge’, Year 3 a “Sponsored Silence’, Year 4 a “Cake Stall’, Year 5 a “Reading Cafe” and Year 6 an Easter Egg Raffle’
We’re very grateful to them for their support.

The First Communion programme families have embraced collecting ‘Pennies for Peru’ as their Lent challenge. Grateful thanks to them as well.

Simple Soup Lunches have taken place in the Nathex Hall at 1pm on Fridays- the last one will be this week. People have gathered to share a lunch and take time to meet up with other parishioners. Donations received will go to the Tambogrande teachers fund.We appreciate the efforts put in by many people who contribute to this lunch and are grateful for funds raised

Watch this space for an update about how much we will have been able to raise.

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