Talk on Catholic faith with real ale

Talk on Catholic faith with real ale

Friday 15th is our December Peter’s Pints. The meeting will begin at 7 pm (talk at 7.20)… in the Choir Sacristy adjacent to the church this time, as the Narthex is booked up. So come into the church and go the front right where the confessionals are, and follow the corridor through the big doors to the sacristy, where there will be signs to guide you.

We are pleased to have Leonie Caldecott speaking to us this time. Leonie is a prolific writer, editor, playwright, and Catholic apologist, who co-founded with her late husband Stratford an initiative called Second Spring in Oxford, which taps into the faith through an exploration of history and culture. At present she edits the UK version of Magnificat, a monthly devotional companion to the liturgical year. She was named Catholic Woman of the Year in 2014.

Leonie’s talk, “Two Women Mystics and the Meaning of Advent”, will look at our present season of preparation for Christmas through the life and work two well-known Catholic English mystics: our own Julian of Norwich, medieval anchoress and author of Revelations of Divine Love, and Caryll Houselander, 20th century spiritual writer, poet and artist.

Our guest beer this time is from Wolf Brewery in Attleborough, and is called Granny Wouldn’t Like It! But not doubt we will like it, seeing as it’s been recommended.

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