This year’s Lent appeal focuses on the plight of people affected by climate change and its effects on
their livelihood.

Mahinur lives in a village near the coast in Bangladesh lives, in an area that’s badly hit by climate change. Cyclones are common, salty sea water floods the rice fields, and – most devastatingly for Mahinur – a drought last year killed all the fish

Mahinur has a disabled husband and son to support, so she’s working every hour of the day doing odd jobs for her neighbours in return for rice. It’s not enough. Some days the family just drink water for dinner.

The impact of incursion by the sea on the local economy can be reduced by the planting of saline resistant seeds for crops and by the protection of fish stocks. Training young people in a trade will help diversify the economy and lessen the dependence on fishing and farming. In conjunction with CAFOD working through the local Church, your support to achieve these aims can help people like Mahinur and her family and community.

That’s why CAFOD asks you to consider having a simple meal on Friday, 15 th March for Family Fast Day and making a donation to CAFOD. Your donation is a lifeline, reaching out to children, women and men in God’s family with love. With your donation, CAFOD can help change the ending of more stories like Mahinur’s.

Please fill in your details on the envelope to make your donation. Or you can donate online. If you are a tax payer, you can “Gift Aid” your donation; CAFOD will be able to benefit from some of the tax you have paid.

Many thanks for your generosity and your prayers.