The CAFOD Harvest Fast Day raised £1198.76. This will go towards helping those poor communities who suffer from the lack clean drinking water. On behalf of CAFOD and all who will benefit from your donations, many thanks.

This year’s CAFOD Harvest Family Fast Days was on Friday 5 October.  The campaign this year draws our attention to people inextreme need, like Longora, a mother in East Africa.

Longora’s home is in a remote region in Uganda, 14 miles from the capital. There is no electricity, gas or hospital nearby. The area is so hot and dry, people struggle to get enough clean water to survive. A few years ago, when Longora was in the late stages of pregnancy, she became seriously ill after drinking dirty water from a local river.

She gave birth while she was still sick. Because of the water, her baby was also born seriously ill. She said: “Ten people died from drinking river water then. My baby died too.” It was obvious her community needed clean water and – thanks to donations – CAFOD repaired the well in her village and trained local people in how to maintain it, so they can fix it if it breaks again. Now Longora and her neighbours have a reliable supply of clean, safe water.

At Family Fast Day we seek to make changes like this possible to help others like Longora’s baby boy. So this Fast Day, our sacrifices by eating less, and donating the cost of a meal, will go towards providing resources to families and communities in need. If we all ate less for just one meal, the money we save could help to mend a water point for an entire village.

And when you choose to eat more simply, please also say a prayer for Longora and millions like her. Eating less isn’t easy, but it’s a wonderful way of acting out our faith. By having a bowl of soup instead of a meal, and giving the money you save, you could give a family a bag of seeds to grow and feed themselves.

Please use one of the envelopes provided at the back of the Cathedral, or send your donation to CAFOD, Romero House, 55 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7JB, or online at (Remember to Gift Aid your donation if you can). On behalf of everyone at CAFOD, thank you for everything you do.