On St Augustine’s day, the Cathedral was able to host the solemn profession of Sister Anna Yeo of the Daughters of Divine Charity.

Sister Anna was a parishioner at St John’s before joining her congregation.

The Daughters of Divine Charity have had a long, historic presence in Norfolk, and now have a convent in Hunstanton. In England, their other convents are to be found in Chesterfield and Rochdale.

It is unusual for the Cathedral to play host to such events. Most commonly, they would take place in the convent church, or a nearby church. Priests and people from across the country were able to join us here in Norwich, and Sister Anna’s family were able to participate online from Malaysia.

A solemn profession is the final stage of a man or woman entering consecrated life.

For a woman like Sister Anna, she becomes a Bride of Christ, and is given a ring of profession, like a wedding ring, by the Bishop as a sign of her consecration.

We hope and pray that our parish community being able to witness this joyful event in the life of Sister Anna, her congregation, and of the whole church, that many more people will be able to see the youth and joy of the consecrated life, and hear God calling them to such a life of radical holiness.