Sarah Ebelewicz, a Cathedral Parishioner, gives an update on the Walk for Water challenge which she took on during Lent.

It has been a real blessing to take part in Walk for water this Lenten season. I’ve been aware that I was part of both a diocesan community and also a national one which has inspired me and strengthened me when I found it tough.

It was also important to be able to do something positive during Lent to support others who have no choice but to walk for water in order just to survive. We walked in solidarity with them, fellow travellers. When I got tired I remembered Abdella, on the Cafod video, and the mountain he climbs twice a day in his journey for water.
Walking during lockdown,when there were so many restrictions,felt very liberating and positive. Amidst all the Covid updates,mask wearing and do’s and don’ts,  just to be able to walk gave much needed headspace and time for prayers and reflection.
I watched spring unfold before my eyes and took time to notice creation around me. On a few occasions I was very aware of God’s presence with me and felt a sense of awe and peace.
I’m so grateful for the donations,prayers and support from the parish community,friends and family. My 40th day was March 31st, having taken 442,880 steps and the donations stand at £1,347.