Our annual Corpus Christi procession took place on Sunday, and hundreds of parishioners processed behind the Blessed Sacrament around Earlham Road and Unthank Road after the Solemn Mass.

12 of our parish children had received Holy Communion for the first time at Mass, and they led the procession, strewing fresh rose petals.

Processing with the Blessed Sacrament, a tradition which emerged in the high middle ages, manifests our desire to allow Jesus to lead us in our lives. As we follow him personally along the street, we really inculcate the need for us to follow him spiritually on the road of life. In the procession, we cannot see the road ahead, and the same is true in life. But we trust in faith that he is leading us the right way, and we will return safely to our home with him in heaven, having followed him on earth.

The Good Shepherd always leads his flock with confidence and in love.

We also take the Blessed Sacrament outside to be seen by the world, to manifest our faith to others, so that our piety (which is a Gift of the Holy Spirit) might touch those who witness it. Jesus desires all people to see him, and to be touched by him in a spiritual way, because that is why he became Man: so that we, and the whole human race, might be drawn into his divinity. Much talk about was heard in Norwich city today from those who witnessed it, telling others of what they saw, and so we can have confidence that at least some other people in our city were truly touched by grace this weekend, as well.

With many thanks especially to our sacristy team, our stewardship team, our catechetical team, our serving team, our musicians and singers, and all those who helped in many ways, and prayed for a successful and grace-filled procession, which ours surely was.

You can see more pictures on Flickr, if you click  this link.