Webinars for parishes interested in the process of Divine Renovation, provided by Hannah Vaughan-Spruce and the UK team.

What Is Divine Renovation?

Divine Renovation is the answer to a question that parishes across the world have grappled with for decades. How do we continue to bring people to Jesus Christ in a society and culture are constantly moving away from that relationship. From declining numbers to passive experiences of church, the obstacles for parishes are real. What would it look like if a parish was full of missionary disciples on fire for mission? What could a pastor accomplish if they had the energy and capacity to lead? These are the questions that our books, podcasts, resources, and coaching help parishes wrestle with.

Engaging Seekers, Reaching the Unchurched
Thursday 14 May, 2 – 3pm
In the current pandemic, people are asking who is in control of their lives, and what the purpose of their lives is. Many are seeking, and many churches are in prime positions to offer them a place to search and provide answers to their deepest longings. Join Sherry Weddell (author of Forming Intentional Disciples), Fr James Mallon (founder of the Divine Renovation ministry) and Hannah Vaughan-Spruce and representatives from UK parishes as we explore innovative ways we can reach people right now.

Divine Renovation from Square 1
Tuesday 19 May, 11am – 12pm
Join Director of Coaching, Ron Huntley, and UK priests in coaching with Divine Renovation as they share how to get started with some Divine Renovation basics – even in the midst of pandemic.

The Digital Revolution of your Parish’s Finances
Thursday 28 May, 3 – 4pm
How is your parish coping financially? Most parishes are realising that moving giving online is a necessity from this crisis onward. Join our panel as we discuss strategies for bringing about this digital revolution.

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Finally, please download and share our free parish response kit available here https://divinerenovation.org This has been downloaded by over 1000 parishes who have been finding it exceptionally helpful as they work to lead well through this season.