This week, we will begin praying morning and evening prayer [Lauds & Vespers] together in the Precious Blood Chapel.

This chapel is just off the north transept [to the left of the high altar, as you are looking at it].

Lauds will be prayed Monday – Saturday at 9.40 am

Vespers will be prayed Monday – Friday at 6.40 pm

As well as the celebration of Mass, which is the source and summit of the Christian life, the Church’s daily round of liturgy substantially includes the liturgy of the hours, of which morning and evening prayer are the principal hinges. In a sense, the liturgy of the hours extends our celebration of Christ throughout the whole day, and into the night.

The Church’s prayer of the liturgy of the hours, in fact, predates her daily celebration of the Mass. It hearkens back to the ancient Temple liturgy. The psalms, which are the core of the liturgy of the hours, was the daily prayer book of the Temple in the old testament, and in the time of Christ.

Priests are obliged to pray the entire liturgy of the hours every day for the people, but we would like, once again, to share our own personal prayer with the people; those who wish to join us. Lauds was prayed publicly before the pandemic, but, since we are also a Cathedral as well as a parish church, we would very much like to ensure that the daily liturgy of the hours is said in the sacred space: for the people of our city, for parishioners, but also for the entire diocese, as the Mother Church of East Anglia.

Even if you are not familiar with the liturgy of the hours, you are most welcome to join us, even only occasionally. Books are available, and an easy instruction sheet, and table with what page you need all help us to be on the same page!