So many of us joined our priests today to rededicate ourselves to the intercession and protection of Mother Mary – as a gift – her dowry.  As our churches are closed we joined them from our homes through the livestreams of masses from our churches across the country. As part of this rededication – we asked our children and youth preparing for First Holy Communion and Confirmation to share their experiences of Sunday 29th March.

Rodrigo says – “England was a dedicated to Mary as a dowry in 29th of March 1350 it is Mother’s day because of this

The title originated in the Medieval period when the people in England were devoted Mary . It was said that England belonged to Mary, who was a to the country “protectress” and who through her powers of intersession acted as the country’s defender or guardian. ”


Excerpt from Bartek’s reflection on the importance of this act of rededication

“The ‘Dowry of Mary’ can be interpreted as a symbol of unity and protection.

Now that we are facing the challenges caused by the ongoing pandemic this idea is even more important. Our prayers should be with those who are suffering from the virus and those who are working day and night to keep them safe. It is also vital to remember to stay kind to one another, hopeful and at the same time mindful of our actions.”


Ruby and Oliwia were inspired by the Walsingham rededication mass celebrated at

Walsingham as they and their families joined 300,000 other families on Sunday.


Alvie created a special place in his room to pray the rosary

Louis, Ethan and Saule share their reflections on the day.

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