You will have noticed lots of restoration work going on in the Cathedral. Our works are entirely sponsored by individual and group benefactors. Today, stone-carvers, stone-masons, and window workers have been in chipping away, so the Cathedral felt very mediaeval.

Father Simon and Suzi Pendlebury (Cathedral Architect) had a rare opportunity to climb the scaffolding to get a close look at the newly-restored Blessed Sacrament Chapel window. The scaffolding will remain in place for a few more days, but we will be able to see the window in all its glory next week.

The glass restorer urges us that this restored work will – barring any tragedies! – last for many, many centuries. If you would like to become a major benefactor, and help conserve our beautiful Cathedral Church for centuries yet to come, please speak with any of the priests.

Below: the prophet Elijah is fed by ravens.

Below: the hand of God feeds the Hebrews with manna.

Below: a thurible held by an angel. We can see the vibrancy of colour in some of the small pieces of glass.

Below: Joseph (not in his technicolour dream-coat) feeds the Egyptians during the famine: “Go to Joseph”