As part of the Narthex project, the Cathedral Garden, a secret haven close to the centre of Norwich, has been transformed with the help of a dedicated band of volunteers under garden designer Zanna Foley-Davies. The garden was previously not accessible and had not been regularly maintained for some time. With the construction of the Narthex, it is clearly visible from and accessed by those using the Garden Café. Now, as well as several heritage varieties of fruit trees, formal lawns, island beds – including the original rose memorial garden – and beautiful paved walkways, there is a small private area for the clergy and work has started on the construction of a Community Garden.

In due course, this will be used by volunteers and community groups to grow produce for Cathedral House, the Narthex Garden Café and for the community at large. If you would like to find out more about volunteering in the garden, please visit our volunteer page.

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