Preparing a Catholic Funeral


The death of someone we love will affect each of us in different ways. Our feelings may change from day to day, but one of the practicalities we have to face is the planning of a funeral. The person who has died may have left quite specific instructions about this, or we may find it is all down to us. We may have a clear idea of what to do, or we might be confused. We might have been involved in planning a funeral before, or it may be the first time. We want to honour and respect the wishes of our deceased relative or friend, but we, and others, also have needs.

The Church is there for you at this time, whether or not it features in your life at present, and you should be able to find help and support wherever you stand in relation to faith, at a personal and at a practical level. The diverse nature of our communities means that there will be a wide range of cultural and personal backgrounds, which will shape people’s requests. Mindful of all these factors, we must also be faithful to our own tradition of proclaiming God’s mercy and forgiveness and the hope of resurrection to eternal life, but we will always try to respond to the needs of a family in their time of grief. This simple guide has been prepared to answer some of your questions.

 + Alan Hopes