A Columbarium is a dignified and worthy resting place for cremated ashes. The Columbarium at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist is found in the beautiful vaulted undercroft at the east end of the Cathedral beneath the Sanctuary and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel which has been carefully restored and converted. Finely worked bronze cabinets containing individual niches are sited in the vaulted alcoves, with brass plaques commemorating each occupied niche. Following cremation, the ashes of the deceased are placed in specially designed urns and deposited in a designated niche during a short service of interment. 

The Columbarium is available to all Christians in East Anglia. Those choosing the Columbarium make a specified donation to the Cathedral Preservation and Development Trust. This is reserved in a fund for the upkeep of the fabric of the Cathedral. The requested donation is £2000 for each niche. This reflects the cost of a burial or commemorative arrangement elsewhere. Instead of a fee being paid to municipal authorities this agreed donation will go towards the upkeep of the Cathedral and Columbarium. In this way, those using the Columbarium retain an association with the Cathedral long after their passing. Members of the Cathedral parish and Cathedral Friends are entitled to a discount of £250 in recognition of their previous support for the Cathedral.


In addition to the niches in the Columbarium cabinets already described, a limited number of special urns is available for those who would prefer a more prominent memorial. The requested donation for a memorial urn is higher than for a standard niche and details are available on application.

columbarium-853x1024FURTHER INFORMATION

If you would like further information, please contact the Cathedral Office:

Call:01603 624615

Write to:The Secretary
Cathedral House
Unthank Road

or email: columbarium@sjbcathedral.org.uk

You will be sent all the information you need for your particular circumstances. Alternatively, you may download the information here: Columbarium Applicaion Form